10 Awesome Free Joomla 3.x Templates

Joomla has a fairly huge repository of free Joomla 3.x templates. More and more developers are creating and availing free themes to the growing Joomla community online. If you are eager to set up a Joomla website, then I believe the following free Joomla templates will give you a great head start.

1.) SJ Joomla3 - Free Template for Joomla! 3.0

SJ Joomla3

SJ Joomla is a cool free theme that was released to celebrate launch of Joomla 3. It was created specifically for individuals and businesses who want to build their website on Joomla 3.x framework. The responsive SJ Joomla template comes with a host of innovative features.

SJ template is not only free, but it’s also simple and flexible purely CSS3 tableless template. It comes with a powerful Cpanel that allows you to create and tweak your website anyhow you want.  SJ template is fully compatible with IE8, Firefox, Flock 0.7+, Safari, chrome, and Opera 9.5.  It’s also highly responsive for various screen sizes and devices. Besides that, it supports a simple CSS menu, hide content option, lazy load option for images, 5 site styles, and a JavaScript for menus.

2.) Avatar Simple

Avatar Simple

Avatar Simple is a light responsive Joomla 3.0 template built on the Avatar Dream Framework. The new version integrates Bootstrap library (typography, CSS, and JavaScript) and jQuery so that end users can have greater flexibility in their development.  As a responsive template, Avatar fits seamlessly into screens with different resolutions.  Avatar also comes with a simple, flexible, and easy to configure layout that can be configured to 60 module positions. Besides that, Avatar also supports Google analytics tracking code and several other configuration options.

3.) Jsn-Tendo

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JSN Tendo

JSN Tendo is a clean and professional Joomla 3.x template designed specifically for individuals who want to create portfolio or photography websites. JSN template is versatile as it comes with 3 menu styles, 37+ module positions, and SEO built-in template layout. JSN also comes with a sleek image gallery that allows you to showcase personal or business photos from your Picasa or Flickr account. JSN Tendo also comes in a sleek dark that focuses deeply on typography.

4.) Converset Lite

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Converset Lite

Converset Lite is a sleek, free 3.0 Joomla template that is ideal for building blogs, professional websites, and commercial websites. It features two columns and a right sidebar. It also comes with an image slide show, four footer column sections, a search box on the header, and a drop down menu.  Converset Lite is available in four color palettes; blue, grey, red, and white and it compatible with several browsers.

5.) Prototype Responsive (Joomla 3.0)

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Prototype Responsive

Prototype is another free and responsive Joomla 3.x template that comes with a host of attractive features.  It is highly customizable and therefore can be adapted to individual or business needs.  Prototype runs on a Bootstrap framework and is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0. It features 20 module positions that give you the flexibility to customize your web layouts.  Prototype is also responsive meaning that it fits seamlessly into mobile and PC screens perfectly. Additionally, Prototype comes with an enhanced drop-down menu that supports six menu levels and a clean and simple source code for quick modification.

6.) Light Blue Medical Joomla 3.0 Template

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Light Blue Medical Joomla 3.0 Template

Light Blue is a clean professional and fast-loading Joomla 3.0 template made specifically for medical and healthcare professionals.  It’s one of the best free medical Joomla templates and its design and styling is quite impressive. Light Blue Template comes with 25+ collapsible module positions, slick navigation, orbit slideshow sliding, rounded CSS3, and styled drop-down menu with descriptions, integrated jQuery, built-in SEO layout, and several special effects.  The contact form and category lists can also be styled.

7.) Meet Gavern

Meet Gavern

Meet Gavern is another awesome free and responsive Joomla 3.0 template with that is built on the intuitive and highly customizable Gavern Framework for Joomla templates. Meet Gavern comes with built-in bootstrap and typography that allows you to add style, code listings, icons, tooltips, and text blocks to your website. Gavern is also social media friendly as it integrates seamlessly with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook accounts via social media buttons. Gavern is fully compatible with most modern browsers. New features are being implemented periodically and you can expect the framework to become much better in the future.

8.) Drive Rally

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Drive Rally

Drive Rally is a sleek, clean, and professional Joomla 3.0 template that was created for those who have passion for the racing industry. It features a crisp showcase slideshow with high quality images, clean typography, and modest styling options. Drive Rally also features 3 top content modules, 3 bottom content modules, and 3 footer section modules.  It also has a simple clean code source that allows you to implement quick changes to your website.

9.) One Web

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One Web

One Web is another fantastic 2.5-3.x Joomla template.  It’s sleek, clean, and responsive. What makes this template exceptional is that it allows web developers to create static sites or CSS framework for apps or CMS.  It’s also one of the easiest templates to de-joomlify.  One Web has a responsive and scalable responsive grid that allows you to design your website cleanly and quickly without struggling with the framework. This template also comes with a constant layout, deep typography, and a highly customizable layout.

10.) Shape 5 Lime Light

Shape 5 Lime Light

Shape 5 Limelight is a free, clean, responsive, and professional Joomla 3.0 template. This template is built on S5 Vertex framework. It comes with 90+ collapsible core positions, drop down panel, integrated flex menu, and 12 custom module suffixes. Shape 5 also support social icons integration and 3rd party styling for K2, Virtuemart, Tienda, and Joomanager.  Besides that, this template supports lazy load, tool tips, and file compression of core files and it’s compatible with most browsers.