7 Awesome PayPal Donation Button Examples

Paypal button donations are great additions to non-profits and open source websites that want to receive donations from well-wishers. The simplicity and function of these buttons make them highly effective for various websites. While the majority of users are welfare organizations, there is also an increasing number of individuals and open source websites that use them. If you are thinking of embedding Paypal donation buttons on your website then I suggest you take a look at the following great examples.

PayPal Donations

You may be surprised that I feature PayPal because am sure many of you didn’t think PayPal had a charitable wing. Without doubt, PayPal Donations for Hurricane Sandy is one of the most outstanding examples of effective use of the donation buttons in a website. This donation page was created to raise funds for victims of the devastating Hurricane Sandy storm that hit the East Coast in 2012 leaving destruction in its path.

 AS you can see their donation buttons are not only neat, but also highly impressive. The fact that they have embedded images of some of their partners and donors makes it appealing and authoritative. They have also juxtaposed the buttons with a vivid image that captures the seriousness of the problem at hand, thus making their donations page more effective. The simplicity of the buttons and their embedded partner logos make them stand out.


Having looked at non-profits or welfare organizations, I also feel we should look at how individual and open source developers use PayPal donation buttons. One great example that comes to mind is the donations button at chrispederick.com. If you are so engrossed by aesthetics then you may be forgiven to think that is just an illustration. Here is how Chris Pederick uses PayPal donation buttons.


Well, I know you are wondering and perhaps asking yourself, is that really a button? Here is why I chose to illustrate this button. The PayPal donation button is simple and clean. It scores highly in terms of simplicity and the fact that he combines icon and text makes it stand out in the page.


Filezilla also has simple but powerful PayPal donation buttons. What makes the buttons impressive and equally effective is the fact that it gives the well-wisher the option of deciding the currency that they would want to use when making their donation:

The simplicity of the buttons and the message accompanying it also makes them inviting, no doubt about that.


Meningitis.org also has cool PayPal donation buttons and what makes it exceptional is that they have indicated the donation amounts. The well-wisher only has to select the amount he or she wishes to donate and proceed to make the payment. 

So, what makes it exceptional? Each of the PayPal buttons displayed has a call-out that pops up when you click on individual button. This an ingenuous way of adding notes that well-wishers can read before they send their donations.


Sourceforge is a leading open source website that provides tons of free software downloads and hosts more than 65,000 open source projects. To support this massive undertaking and maintain its 80+ dedicated servers and a full time staff, it depends on the support and contribution of well-wishers from around the world. Sourceforge has an option or PayPal donations where well-wishers can contribute from as low as $5 to as much as $250. 


In bid to promote transparency and built its credibility, Sourceforge also includes icons of all donors who make contributions or send gifts via PayPal. Well-wishers can select whether they should be featured on the support page or not.

Asian Elephant Support

The Asian Elephant Project is also a good example of how welfare and non-profits use PayPal donation buttons. This site gives well-wishers the option to make a one time donation or to set the amount that will be paid as recurring monthly donations. The well-wisher only has to set the amount to donate each month and this will be billed to his her account.

Well, these are just some of the cool PayPal button examples that caught my attention and I believe they will inspire you to create effective PayPal donations buttons today.

Grameen Foundation

Another great place to get some inspiration for using PayPal donation buttons is the Grameen Foundation, a Micro-Finance that lends money to the poor people. The donation page has two buttons once for one time gift (shown below) and another for recurring gifts.

Apart from the one time PayPal donation button, Grameen Foundation also uses a PayPal button for recurring gifts. This is a great option if you want subscribers or well-wishers to make recurring donations after every month. As you can see the well-wisher can decide the amount to donate, and the frequency, as well as the duration.