Joomla Best E-commerce Templates

Just like Wordpress, Joomla boasts of a fairly decent collection of ecommerce templates which keeps growing by the day. Whether you want a template for a small e-store or a large store, you can rest assured that the available templates will cater for your needs effectively. For the best results, you should always go for responsive Joomla templates since they work well in PCs and smart devices. Without wasting much time, let’s look at some incredible Joomla templates that you can use for your e-store.

1.)Store Box

Storebox opens my list of clean and captivating Joomla templates that can help you create an awesome e-Commerce store quickly. This theme runs on the Gavern Framework which is intuitive and highly customizable for Joomla templates. The page layout is simple which is a major plus is you’re looking for simplicity and better end user experience. Storebox Joomla e-commerce template supports VirtueMart which allows buyers to shop and make purchases easily. 

The fact that it is also responsive makes it easily accessible from any browser window regardless of the device. Besides that, it incorporates News Show Pro GK5 that supports new portal modes, and image show which enhances its visual appeal. Storebox is not only stylish, but highly responsive. The Storebox CSS3 gives you the power to style and enhance the effects of template. It is also compatible with e Firefox, Safari, Opera Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 & 9.


Your shop is another incredible Joomla 2.5 ecommerce template with powerful features. It’s design and layout is simple enough yet powerful for ecommerce. It’s one of those few themes that achieve a satisfactory balance between beauty and function as evidenced by it’s attractive design and user-friendly interface. You can easily use it to create a fully-fledge estore for a variety of products. 

This template supports various 3rd party extensions such as Jcomments, image show GK4, and K2 store components. For its simplicity and design, Yourshop is definitely worth every penny. 



VirtueSell is another great ecommerce for Joomla that supports VirtueMart. This 2 column template is highly flexible and comes with a featured slider. Its modules are highly customizable, and the layout design design is unique and clean. If you are selling multiple products, then you can easily create categories of featured products, top 10 products, and latest products. Though it is not responsive, it supports Socia Media API integration. You can add twitter, facebook, and Google+ buttons. Virtuesell theme is available in different color schemes which allow you to select your favorite color. It is also compatible with IE7, IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. 



If you are thinking a boutique online, then the Boutique 2.5 & 3.0 Joomla eCommerce template by GavickPro is one that can give you a great head start. Boutique supports Redshop, Virtuemart and a host of functions that allow you to build a powerful e-store. It has a simple and clean layout and a user friendly interface. The template is also responsive which means visitors and prospective buyers can access it from a variety of portable devices. Boutique is also highly customizable. 


Thanks to the in-built typrography, you can change the style of textblocks, code listings, and quotes. It also features a powerful mail delivery component, the AcyMailing that ensures you execute a sales promotion right from your store pretty much the same way you would do with your promotional e-mail campaigns. If you so wish, yu can also integrate social media API sharing buttons to your store to get the word out.

5.) Esport

Having looked at a couple of fresh and exciting eCommerce Joomla templates, I also felt should feature support just in case you want to start a pure e-sport store. Sport is built on the powerful and intuitive Gavern framework which is highly customizable for Joomla. It also supports Virtuemart and several components and 3rd party extensions. You can change the style of content blocks and text using the in-built typography. 


Estore is responsive and this makes it accessible from android phones, iPhones, and tablets. It also supports integration of social media buttons in pages and is compatible with different broswers. For its clean, sleek, and functional design, eSport Joomla ecommerce template is definitely worth your time and money.