Great PayPal Button Examples 

If you operate an eCommerce website, a subscription service, or a welfare website then chances are high that you are thinking of incorporating PayPal buttons into specific pages. These buttons enable well-wishers, subscribers, and buyers to make payments for products and services online. Paypal provides great options for creating various buttons for your website. You can create donate buttons, add to cart, checkout, and subscription buttons for recurring payments. 

Since there are so many buttons that use Paypal buttons, I don’t have the luxury or time to look at each of them. We shall only look at some websites that use PayPal buttons effectively and which I believe will give you ideas and some inspiration to create good buttons for your website.

Buy now button 

Without doubt, the buy now PayPal button is one of the most commonly used PayPal button online. This is a really simple button that allows buyers to buy items directly from stores. It is also commonly used in premium services websites that provide instant services such as credits and airtime. Copyscape is one great example of a service website that has an implicit buy now button.

Add to Cart

If you are planning to build an estore then the add to cart button option is a great way of facilitating payment and processing orders. The good thing about this option is that it captures a great deal of buyer information for record keeping. Since there are many stores that use the PayPal add to cart buttons, I will not go through each one of them. For the sake of time, we’ll just look at a few of them. The add to cart button for ebay is pretty much the same as that in and many other leading stores.

PayPal Checkout

If you always shop online regularly then it is almost certain that you will come across e-stores that use Paypal checkout buttons. If you sell online then you should consider integrating PayPal checkout into your e-store as majority of buyers use Paypal as their preferred method of payment. The good thing about PayPal checkout is that it works well for buyers who want to shop for single items and those want to select and add multiple products to their shopping carts. 

 Paypal checkout also integrates seamlessly with with different shopping cart platforms. For some inspiration, check out how Toyrus uses the check out buttons. 

Subscription via PayPal

Another type of button that is commonly used by service websites is paypal subscription buttons. This button is usually integrated with checkout so that a user can select an item or service and subscribe via PayPal. Subscription buttons are very popular with magazine subscription services and online dating services. Let’s look at how uses PayPal subscription.

Here is another screenshot of, a subscription membership site that accepts payments via PayPal.

Once you select the magazine that you want, you will proceed to check out where you will select payment via PayPal. Below is a billing section where you have to fill your details and select the payment option which in this case,is Paypal.

Paypal Donate Buttons

If you want to start receiving donations to support your cause or organization, then PayPal donation buttons will come in handy. Much Love Animal Rescue, an animal welfare site caught my attention and I thought I should share with you how they use Paypal buttons for recurring donations.

The good thing about these buttons is that they can be customized to your preferences. You can create a button with a fixed amount say $10,or create buttons for well-wishers who wish to make recurring donations say once a month or several times a year. You can read more and look at other PayPal Donation Button Examples for inspiration.

As you can see, there are quite a good number of websites that use different kinds of PayPal buttons. I thought I should share with you some really good PayPal button examples so that you can get inspired to try them out. The good thing about all these PayPal buttons is that they are highly customizable. You can configure the sizes to suit your needs or fit designated areas of your website. Additionally, you can also include small notes or pop ups along with your buttons to guide clients, subscribes, or buyers.