Joomla 3.x Ecommerce Templates - Best 10

Joomla has a growing number of 3.x ecommerce templates.  Each day, new templates are being added to the existing collection of Joomla templates. With this rapid pace of development, it’s not difficult to see why many people don’t catch up with what’s new and hot in the Joomla template market.  The truth is; there are so many fantastic Joomla 3.0 ecommerce templates that offer the convenience and reliability needed for setting up an e-store. In this article, we’ll explore just 10 of the best Joomla 3.x ecommerce templates in the market.

1)   BestShop HTML5 Joomla E-commerce

BestShop HTML5 Joomla E-commerce

BestShop is a fantastic clean, light, and fast Joomla HTML5 ecommerce template. It comes with stunning and powerful interface, built-in image and color selector, sliders, Ajax communication layer, 65 module positions, and 38 layout combinations. BestShop also comes with advanced Bootstrap typography that allows you to style forms, tables, buttons, and interface elements quickly.  In addition, it comes with various extensions and custom code for quick customization.  BestShop is compatible with IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and it comes with rich documentation that demonstrates how to set up and customize your template quickly.

2.)   Shopolo


Shopolo is another ingenious, high-quality and feature-rich Joomla 3.0.x ecommerce template.  Shopolo was specifically designed for businesses and professionals who want to create powerful and responsive ecommerce websites.  You can use it for a corporate company site, jewelery store, kids store, fashion store, or even a Forum. This magnificent template comes with 8 preset styles, a cool slider, 20+ module positions, and 7 cool module suffixes. It also comes with a newsletter subscriber section, a preset blog, and two highly customizable product portfolio sections.

3.)   BikeStore


BikeStore by gavick pro is a cool Joomla 3.0 ecommerce template that runs on the intuititive and highly-customizable gavern framework for Joomla. It is one of the best ecommerce templates because it is rich with powerful features for building online stores.  What makes it exceptional is that it comes with original support for K2 Store and VirtueMart.   BikeStore also comes with advanced typography that includes icons, text blocks, code listings, and even quotes.  Besides that, this Joomla 3.0 template supports Social API for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook and it is fully compatible with the majority of modern browsers.

4.)   Mj Cart - Responsive Virtuemart Template


Mj Cart is essentially a Virtuemart Joomla template designed for individuals who want to create retail, shopping, or custom ecommerce websites.  Like Pmart, it is built on a solid grid system that also incorporates the boostrap framework.  Pmart is fully responsive for PC, tablets, and smartphones, it supports social media. Additionally, it comes with 8 background colors, 20 module positions, and optimized slideshow, and menu. Mj cart also features a highly customizable store section, checkout, and shipping pages.  The good thing about this template is that it is compatible with ECwid and it supports default Virtuemart pages and modules.

5.)   Reviver (Multipurpose Virtuemart Theme)


Reviver also sneaks its way into the top 10 of our Joomla 3.x ecommerce templates. Reviver is essentially a Virtuemart template that can be used flexibly for creating any ecommerce website. This template comes with a cool and responsive layout that is built on the T3 Joomla framework. It incorporates Bootstrap, built-in SEO tools, 3 slider options, and multi-languages.  Besides that, Reviver also supports essential e-store features such as multi-currency option, product comparison, price filer, drop-down shopping cart, newsletter subscribe, and product navigation tabs. Reviver is also social media friendly as it supports Facebook and Twitter plugins.  It is also compatible with most browsers and comes with a handy and extended documentation that gives you an upper hand in creating and customizing your ecommerce websites.

6.)   JSN NURU


JSN is another remarkable and premium turn-key Joomla 3.0 template for ecommerce.  It was designed for MijoShop a shopping-cart component that runs on the Joomla framework.  JSN can be used to create any kind of online retail or shopping website. What makes it exceptional is that it is neat, clean, and simple.  It comes with a big background, attractive color variations, and appealing graphic layout.  Nuru also integrates seamlessly with Kunena and K2 components and loads faster as it comes with built-in file compression.

7.)   Vibration



Vibration is another awesome responsive Joomla 3.x e-commerce template that boasts of a high quality origami design. It is suitable for any kind of online shop. Vibration comes with a powerful built-in menu and a rich typography. The good thing about this template is that it comes with a bootstrapped Virtuemart template. Though Vibration features 4 preset styles, the Expose Framework allows end users to build their own custom styles. In addition, Vibration comes with flexible widget positions, expansive color variations, fonts, and badges.

8.)   SJ Lotte


SJ Lotte is a simple and clean Joomla 3.0 template that was designed for hoteliers and restaurateurs. The good thing about this template is that it integrates Content and K2 into its core allowing users to create simple, clean, and powerful ecommerce websites.  SJ Lotte comes with 8 preset colorstyles, 3 menu options, and advanced typography. Besides that, it supports RTL/LTR lanuages, a dozen plus extensions, and module variations.  SJ Lotte is also compatible with all major browsers, has optimized loading speed, and has a responsive layout that fits seamlessly across various devices. The design is based on CSS3 table-less design.

9.)   MJ Real Estate


If you are looking for a clean and responsive template for your real estate marketing business then you cannot afford to ignore the MJ Real Estate template for Joomla. MJ is ideal for individuals who want to create Real Estate site for displaying rental property and listing properties for selling and buying sites.  This template is built on a solid grid system that incorporates a Bootstrap framework. Additionally, it comes with 8 background color variations, 20 module positions, property detail page, agent listing module, gallery, testimonials, and FAQs section. Apart from that, it features advanced find property module, rating on properties, and promotional and special property modules plus so much more.

10)   Fashion



Fashion template winds up our list of responsive Joomla 3.x ecommerce templates. This dark, fresh, and stylish Joomla template is suitable for creating fashion portfolio or business portfolio websites.  It is built on the Warp Theme Framework and it is compatible with Joomla 2.5x and 3. It features an Ultimate Mega Menu, a portfolio page, 50 Plus module positions, and an option to compress CSS. Besides that Fashion template also supports K2 Component and it compatible with all major browsers. Its documentation is expansive giving you a clear and in-depth guide on creating and customizing your website.