How to use PayPal "Add to cart" button

PayPal's "Add to cart" button is very useful. Normally, if you want to build a cart system on your websites, you will have to look for some third party software and configure it on your own or even write the code yourself. It's a time consuming processes. But if you use PayPal's build-in cart system and the Fraseta extension with Joomla!, it will only take about 5 minutes or so.

This feature might look a bit tricky if you are not familiar with it because you'll have to deal with multiple items. You might wonder how all the items connect to each other. All you have to remember is this: PayPal puts the items from the same seller account into the same cart all together. So even if you create multiple "Add to cart" buttons with the same seller (business) account and use those buttons on different pages, all the buttons will go into the same cart.

Let me show you how you do this.

Go to "Components" -> "PayPal Buttons".

Click "New".


Choose "Add to cart" from "Button Type" and enter other information.

Click "Next"


Enter "Price".

Click "Finish".


Now repeat the process again and create another button.


Let's create two separate pages for the buttons.

Go to "Content" -> "Article Manager".

Click "New".


Write the item name and click "PayPal Buttons"


Choose one of the buttons you just created.


Click "Save & Close".


Now, create another new article and insert the other button.


We've got two articles with two buttons.


Now create menu items for the articles so that we can see both of the pages on the website. I assume you are familiar with Joomla!'s menu functions, so I won't explain the process in detail.


Let's check the first article. When you click the button, the item will be added to the cart.


Click "Continue Shopping" and go back to the site.


Go to the other article and click the button.


The other item is also added to the cart!



Likewise, you can create as many items as you like using PayPal "Add to cart" button. It's pretty easy isn't it?