How to create a PayPal donation button in Joomla!


It seems like donation buttons are quite popular on many websites. I even have the impression that I see donation buttons more often than buy buttons (but maybe it's because I use free software more than paid ones).


Adding donate buttons to your Joomla! site is relatively easy since you don't have to set many parameters. If you want to let the users decide the amount that they want to contribute, it will be even easier.


Go to Components -> PayPal Buttons

Click New

New button

Choose Donate, enter the button name and the merchant ID. Click Next.

Choosing donate button

If you want to let the users decide how much they want to donate, just click Finish. If you want to set the amount yourself, click Next.

Enter amount and click Finish.

The button is ready!

Donation button is ready


The beauty of donation buttons is that when you create one free donation button, you can use the same one all around the site unless you want to know which product the users are donating for.