How to insert PayPal buttons you created into Joomla! articles.

You installed the extension, you created a bunch of buttons, now what's next? You need to insert those buttons into the articles you've written in Joomla!

Inserting buttons is very easy. You just have to go to the article editor and you will see a button called "PayPal Button" at the button of the editor. Then you can choose the one you need from the list of the buttons you have. You can add as many buttons as you want.

Go to "Content" -> "Article Manger".

Choose the article where you want to insert buttons.

 Article Manager

Choose "PayPal Button"

Edit Article

Choose the name of the button you want to add.

If you have many of them, you can filter them by the category and the button type. It's also possible to search ones according to your query text.

 Choose Button 


 Article Manager