How to create a PayPal subscription button with a one-month free trial


When going for a subscription business model, it is good practice to offer a free trial period. You are less likely to chase the users away by offering paying products if they can try them for free.


I particularly remember Amazon EC2's free-tire system with which you can try some of their cloud VPN instances for free for a year! Now that I tried their service I understand how useful and easy to set up it is. It didn't take me too long to decide to continue using their services by actually paying for them. Apparently, free trials work on me.


While you might think one year is a bit too long for such offerings, you can set a similar system using our extension. It is of course possible to customise the length of the trial period. I'll explain it by showing how you can create a PayPal subscribe button with a one-month trial period.


Go to "Component" -> "PayPal Buttons" and click "New".

 Trial period

Select "Subscribe" from "Button Type". and enter "Button Name" and "Merchant ID".

Click "Next"


Set "Price", "Duration" to '1", and "Duration unit" to "Months".

Here you will set the regular price after the trial period.

Click "Next".

 Subscription period

Now, set the "Trial 1 Price" to "0", since it will be a free one. "Trial 1 Duration" should be 1 and "Trial 1 Duration Unit" should be "month" as it is a one-month free trial.

Check "Recurring" as this will be a recurring subscription.

Set "Recurring Times". This is how many times the payments will repeat.

Click "Finish".

Trial period

Now the button is ready!

 Subscribe button with trial

When you click the button, you can see the description saying that there's a free trial period.

 Trial period is there

This technique is useful in many situations. You can also set subscribe buttons with different trial periods; 1-year trial like Amazon EC2 is totally possible! Once you create a button, PayPal will handle the rest. Subscription will continue as long as the users don't cancel it or  until the number of times you specified is over.