How to create a simple PayPal subscription button


PayPal subscription buttons can be confusing as, in order to make it flexible, they are many parameters. But creating something basic like a 24-month monthly subscription is not difficult. If you use the Fraseta PayPal button extension, it will be even easier.


Let's just say we want to create a subscription button so that the subscribers will pay 10 dollars each month and the payment will be done automatically. Here's how you do it:


Go to "Components" -> "PayPal Buttons".

Click "Next".

Create new subscribe button

Choose "Subscribe" from "Button Type".

Enter the button name and the merchant ID.

Click "Next".

Enter the price, set the duration and the unit.

Here, we will set the price to 10 USD, the duration to 1, and the unit to "months".

Click "Next".

set the duration and unit

Check "Recurring" and set the recurring times to 24. This means that the subscribers will be paying automatically. If you uncheck this, they will have to confirm the payment each time.

Click "Finish".

set recurring

The button is ready!

subscribe button is ready