Extension for Joomla! Support

We provide support via our support ticket system.

Types of support we offer

You can choose one of these categories when you open a ticket (ask a question). It is important to understand what you can support and what we can't. Please read the list carefully before you ask a question.

  • Pre-sale - If you have question before you buy extensions, choose this. This includes questions like : do these extensions have particular features? What kind of support can I get? Is it possible to do this with an extension?
  • Technical Support - Technical Support is available within the period specified when you purchase the support. In other words, this support is paid for. You can ask questions like : How do I install the module? If get this error message, what should I do? How do I use an extension? 
  • Bug Report - If you find a bug, or see an error message, please report it by choosing this category. You can send bug report regardless of your support type you purchased or the period. Anyone can send bug reports, even if they didn't buy extensions. On the other hand, bug reports are not meant to be answered. If you have to ask a question that needs answering by our support team, please buy Technical Support.
  • Feedback - If you have some thoughts, suggestions or a feature request, please choose Feedback. Like bug reports, you won't always get a reply to feedback. But we would like you to know that we will always value your feedback and do as much as we can to improve our service.
  • General - If you are not sure which category you should choose, please choose General.

Where do I send a ticket?

Here is our support ticket system.

Technical Support

  • You have to use the same e-mail address when you buy extensions, supports, and create tickets.
  • Support period starts immediately after the purchase. If you buy a 30-day support on 1st Jan at noon, it will expire on 30th Jan at noon.