Top 10 Must Have Joomla Extensions

Just like the growing number of Themes, Joomla has a fairly huge repository of extensions.  Each day, new extensions are being added to the existing collection of extensions. Even so, you’ll find that some extensions are more valuable than others. In a short while, we’ll look at 10 vital extensions you should have in your collection.

1.)   JCE – Joomla Content Editor

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JCE Editor

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While there are other editors in the extension market, none is remarkable and robust as JCE for Joomla.  JCE comes with a simple WYSIWYG Editor that allows you to create and modify content without messing with HTML. Plus, it also adds a new set of robust and powerful tools in the Joomla environment so that you can create any content you want without limitations or the need of knowing XHTML/CSS or coding knowledge.

JCE also comes with a fantastic file manager that allows you to upload images/PDF files and insert them into your content quickly. It also features a powerful Media Manager that allows you to upload media files in different formats and create pop ups of any media quickly.

2.)   JomSocial – Bringing social to Joomla!

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Do you want to make your Joomla site more attractive and sociable? JomSocial is definitely the right extension for you. This powerful extension adds a simple community to your website. It comes with a highly interactive comment system, filter options, robust and cool photo and video galleries, social media integration, and even privacy control. Trust me, with Jomsocial, you can turn your boring website into a completed social networking hub where people share their experiences, interests, hobbies, and ideas. 

3.)   K2 Extension

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K2 Extension

Although Joomla is a great CMS, its article system doesn’t come with all the essential post and content features.  The only thing that you get is the content area and the title. K2 steps in to fill the gap that exists in the Joomla framework. It offers robust and expansive set of features that allow you to manage your content easily and dexterously than you would with default Joomla.  K2 extension for Joomla supports article management, tags, comments, image gallery and video management, content modules, and a cool Drag and Drop Media Manager. Besides that, K2 comes with a set of friendly templates that allow you to implement a module without messing around with the templates code.

4.)   RSForm!Pro

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RSForm for Joomla is one of the best premium form builders for Joomla websites. It’s not only solidly built, but it’s also flexible and easy to use.  You can use it to create and customize contact forms for collecting and submitting HTML/Text emails data in your Joomla website. RSForm allows you to collect data from clients and visitors who visit your Joomla website. RSForm not only collects data in CSV format, but it also allows you to export and convert data into a common format.  With RSForm, you can customize the field box for alphanumeric data, mandatory fields, and even the thank you message.

5.)   EasyBlog

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If you are looking for a powerful all-in-one blogging component then the Easy blog will suffice.  EasyBlog allows you to create a clean, powerful, and professional blog quickly. Already, 5000 plus Joomla sites use this nifty extension to power their blogs.  Easyblog allows you to manage your business, personal, or company blog with ease. It not only supports social network integration, but it integrates seamlessly with a slew of 3rd party Joomla templates, extensions. and addons.  You can run Easyblog along with JCE or JCK, JomSocial, JomWALL, PayPlans, and several other extensions. The bottom line is that EasyBlog offers a flexible and powerful set of features that allows you to fire-up your blog easily.

6.)   VirtueMart

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While Virtuemart is not a new extension, it has already proven itself to be the most powerful and respectable Joomla shopping cart solution. It’s not only easy to set up, but it also comes with a host of powerful features that allow you to set up an advanced e-store.  You can easily create product displays, categories and descriptions, media, meta tags for SEO, order processing, checkout, and marketing & promotional tools such as coupon codes and discounts. Virtuemart also supports multilingual store configuration for diverse customers in different countries. In addition, Virtuemart supports template overwriting and it integrates seamlessly with several other e-store extensions.

7.)   AcyMailing Starter

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AcyMailing Starter

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AcyMailing is a powerful and reliable email marketing and newsletter extension for Joomla. This extension allows you to create and manage emails, organize mailing lists and subscribers, and send custom emails/newsletters. AcyMailing extension supports real time sending via a queue system, multiple subscriptions, double-opt in, email validation and confirmation, and cool pop effects. In addition, AcyMailing interface supports 40+ languages and allows you to import user contacts in various formats such as CSV, Letterman, Acajoom, ccNewsletter, JNews among others.

8.)   JEvents

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JEvents is another handy Joomla extension that you should have in your collection. It allows you to create timely and attractive calendar for your website in multiple formats.  JEvents is compatible with Joomla MVC Framework, supports imports & exports, layout editing, and custom views and quick overviews of page events. In addition, it allows you to create, configure, display a summary of upcoming or popular events, and add a user search function to your calendar. The good thing about JEvents is that it is compatible with a slew of modules and plugins.

9.)   Advanced Module Manager

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Advanced Module Manager

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If you want to have ultimate control over your Joomla modules then it’s indispensable that you get the Advanced Module Manager. This nifty extension enhances the control you have over your modules. That’s not all; Advanced Module Manager also adds a slew of functions to your site. With this extension, you can control or modify the menu items, home page, data range, user-group levels, articles, components, OS, sections, templates and many other components. Besides that, you can edit modules, gives modules color codes, and choose whether or not to display modules.

10.)   Akeeba Backup Extension

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Akeeba Backup Extension

If you are looking for a way to create a backup for your Joomla website then you need Akeeba Backup extension for Joomla.  Akeeba extension allows you to back up and secure your website against security breaches. Akeeba extension runs in the background creating timely and full backups of your website.  When you install this extension, you can easily restore your website in the event that it’s compromised at any time.

Though there are thousands of great extensions out there, these are just some of the remarkable Joomla extensions that we felt you should have in your repository.