Top 6 Joomla Best Free Templates


As an Open source platform, Joomla has an extensive collection of free themes and resources for developers.  What makes Joomla exceptional is the growing community of developers and designers who continue to add to the stock of existing Joomla resource. Since I have had the privilege of exploring a quite a number of free Joomla resource, I thought I should share 10 best free templates that you should explore at a time of your convenience.


Music is another awesome free responsive Joomla template built on the intuitive Gavern Framework.  This template has a simple clean layout and highly customizable features. You can customize the typography right from quotes to text-blocks, and code-listings. As a responsive theme, it displays really across a variety of browsing devices. In addition, it supports Social API. This means that you can embed Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and  Google+ buttons to your website quickly.


What makes it exceptional is that it supports mooMasonry script which allows content to be optimized for a target device. Also, the framework supports CSS3 stylization and effects which gives you a powerful web presence without sacrificing your performance.  Music is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and all newer versions.


Vertex – By Shape5

Vertex Joomla template rounds up my list of favorite Joomla templates 2013.  Vertex is a powerful and responsive template. It is built on the Shape 5 Framework that comes with a host of features such as S5 Flex Menu and 94 module positions that allow you to build a dynamic website easily. Vertex is not only mobile friendly, but is also SEO friendly.  You can also configure widths and columns, hide info, enable info slides, and configure component areas real quick.


Besides providing you with a host of powerful features to customize your site, Vertex also scores highly when it comes to visual appeal.  The appearance is inviting and refreshing.  With its highly flexible components and customizable theme, you have the freedom to explore a range of colors, fonts, and layout to give your site a unique look and feel.  This theme is compatible with Joomla 2.5. 


Freemium is another fantastic free Joomla template that is built on the mobile friendly Expose framework.  This template is cross-browser compatible, brilliant typography, light code, and a host of powerful plug-ins and features.


Freemium is highly attractive and charming because of elegant design and simple structure. This makes it highly suitable for designing a variety of websites. Freemium also uses CSS3 animation which allows you to style your menu, links, and text colors exactly as you want. I have no doubt that Freemium template is worth check out.  

Maxed bag

If you are looking for a cool magazine or news-style template for your website then I strongly recommend Maxed bag.  This template comes packed with an array of modules such v2 and news S5 Image that can help you list or sell products on your site. 

Maxed bag is built on the versatile vertex framework that features exciting components for intermediate and advance developers.  Whether you want to create a stylish website or create a simple functional website, Maxed bag has got all you need to give you a great head start.


Elastica is another  elegant and inviting responsive template that works well on Joomla 2.5X framework. It is built on JAT3 2 Framework and combines jQuery Masonry script.  As a responsive template, it fits seamlessly into portrait and landscape screen sizes. It  adapts and transforms pixels, typo, font size, and images  to fit the screens of various devices.  What makes it exceptional is that it is highly customizable. It comes with  multiple modules and style to suit your needs and supports CSS and Java compression.


 Elastica is also compatible with multiple browsers from Firefox 9+, Chrome 8+ , and several other standard web browsers. With 4 menu options to choose and flexible CSS files customization, you can’t ask for more. 


Puresite rounds up my list of cool Joomla best free templates for the 2nd quarter of 2013. This is a remarkably simple and clean but elegant and powerful responsive Joomla template. It adapts large and small screen sizes seamlessly and overall, it looks great.  Puresite is built on  JAT3 2 Framework and jQuery Masonry script.

Puresite is designed to display in portrait and landscape mode. It has 5 layout options, 4 menu options, and a highly customizable content block and width modules.   Besides supporting mobile browsers, it comes with inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression. Puresite is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x  and Joomla 3.0.x.